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Professional Wellness-Practitioner

Online Training for Wellness Massages

In this Course you have the Opportunity to learn different massage types from distant lands.

  • Learn the Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage from India,
  • the Hot Chocolate Massage with cocoa beans from Indonesia,
  • the Hot Stones Massage from Hawaii,
  • and the Aroma Stamp Massage from Thailand.

Conveniently with our online course including the motivating and inspiring massage videos - practical and easy to implement - simply from home.

After the online training, you can offer the learned massages to your customers in your existing institute, use it privately for friends and family, or start freelancing without any problems. Of course, that's also possible with the then acquired certificates "Wellness Masseur / in" and "Wellness Practitioner"! We will automatically send you the certificates when you have completed the online course and answered the final learning goal control questions.

Benefits of Online Training

  • Flexible training duration.
  • You learn with flexible scheduling and have unlimited access.
  • Guaranteed starting place without any waiting time.
  • Save time and money. Learn without traveling and without a hotel.
  • The videos feel like individual lessons. Optimized for smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.
  • 100% online with the same recognition & value as in-person training.
  • German AND international certificate.
  • You get your certificates printed on high-quality paper.
  • The innovative learning platform remembers your learning progress so you always have an optimal overview.

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